Menu Ideas – The Perfect Christmas Feast

Menu Ideas – The Perfect Christmas Feast

My original plan was that my husband and I would host Christmas Dinner 2018. However, with the new house taking months longer than planned, it is almost certainly not going to be ready for 2018. But, I would like to do this as soon as my house and kitchen are ready..most likely Christmas 2019… (inviting BOTH sides of the family) for 9 adults + 1 child:


Confit salmon crostini, watercress, shaved asparagus, king prawn
Chicken Liver Parfait crostini, crispy sage, pancetta, parmesan


Turkey (10-11kg Free Range – Kelly Bronze)
Goose (7-8kg Free Range)
Pigs in Blankets

Sage and Onion stuffing
Pork and Chestnut stuffing

Ultimate Roast Potatoes
Mashed Potatoes
Glazed rainbow carrots
Roast Veg Medley (baby parsnips, baby turnips, baby beets, fennel)
Sprouts with bacon and chestnuts
Mixed buttered greens (cabbages, chard, broccolini, cavalo nero)
Braised red cabbage

Cranberry sauce

Homemade cracker selection (water biscuits, digestives, flaxcrax, artisan, ciappe, bath olivers)
Cheese selection (TBC)
Homemade chutney trio (balsamic onion, tomato, fig)


Chocolate melting-middle puddings
Homemade vanilla ice cream
Homemade Christmas Pudding
Fresh Vanilla Pod Custard
Chocolate and Clementine Pannetone Tart
Homemade vanilla ice cream


Other edibles to have on standby:

Spiced Orange Cake