Menu Ideas – Kosher Dinner Party

It is always nice to try an accommodate different dietary preferences when you have people over for dinner. We have some lovely Jewish friends who keep varying levels of kosher. To accommodate their kosher-ness, when hosting I would need to ensure that the meal does not contain any meat at all. However, most fish (excluding shellfish) is kosher – even when buying from a normal fish monger.

Idea#1: Sushi Feast

avocado maki
cucumber/pepper maki
smoked salmon/cream cheese uramaki
fresh salmon/avocado temaki
spicy tuna gunkan-maki
fresh tuna nigiri
salmon dragon roll uramaki
crispy tofu
vegetable tempura

sweet chilli/sriracha
soy/rice vinegar dipping sauce
pickled ginger/wasabi

Idea#2: Baked Salmon

whole or half salmon – baked in a giant foil parcel on lemon, fennel, leeks
buttered new potatoes
balsamic beets
herby rough-mashed peas
white wine/lemon butter sauce

Idea#3: Mezze Feast

greek salad
spanokopita moneybags
roasted peppers/artichokes
baba ghanoush
balsamic beets
za’atar roasted cod
falafel/courgette fritters

Idea#4: Easy Italian Feast

nocellara olives, black olive tapenade, fougasse

roasted wild mushroom risotto
rocket salad
heirloom tomato salad
bocconcini with basil oil

chocolate ganache pots, biscotti/cantucci, berries