6. Bake 30 new things – excluding breads


Twice I have now baked these since starting the blog, and I’m STILL not entirely happy with the bake on them, they’re always just a tiny bit “sad” in their final texture and a little bit soft, I’m happy with the flavour, but the texture needs to be just a little bit crispier.

Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

This was very moreish, but not overly sweet. The cake was very crispy on leaving the oven, but softened on cooling. It stayed very moist for a good 5 days in a tin and was a nice pudding with a big dollop of natural yoghurt and some fresh raspberries/sliced banana.

Chocolate Melting Moment Cookies

I love these. They are ridiculously moreish. Like the cookies, the texture has been hit and miss – between the two different trays that had maybe a minute difference on the bake time made all the difference – one tray was slightly soft, the other was crispy deliciousness. Definitely will be going to make them again!

Red Velvet Cake with Cheesecake Frosting

Version 1: One of my husband’s favourites! We had a red velvet as the second tier of our wedding cake, and it’s the first time I’ve made one since that cake actually. It wasn’t quite the same as our wedding cake one – as that was a four-layer 8″ round, with a vanilla buttercream frosting. We invited hubby’s sister over for some cake because her school is nearby and had a nice cake-break in celebration of hubby’s new job!

Version 2: A better sponge texture than version 1, more springy and more moist. Happier with the results – sister-in-law was very happy with it (I made it for her birthday).

Caramelised Orange Shortbread with White Chocolate

Yum. A very different type of shortbread than any I’ve made before. It is very crunch, and not as sweet as a normal shortbread, but that’s quite nice as the white chocolate is super sweet! Not sure they’ll last the whole week!

Cheat’s Fruitcake

This was an experiment, mainly because I forgot to make fruitcakes that I’d promised my mum and sister-in-law for Easter. It is unusual in that it is made with a jar of mincemeat and some dried fruits that are only soaked for a couple of hours. Seemed to work pretty well, and had a positive review from my mum…haven’t tried my little one yet!