23. Marvel Cinematic Universe

We’ve decided to watch them in order of release, broken down into three phases (as stipulated by Marvel Studios).

  1. Iron Man to The Avengers
  2. Iron Man 3 to Ant-Man
  3. Captain America: Civil War to present

There are other views regarding viewing order, this guy on reddit chooses to realign the order to give a different timeline, more chronology/theme based.

Iron Man

Having not seen Iron Man in a really long time, I quite enjoyed it. It is really bizarre to think that this is what started everything off – set in a pre-iPhone time, where Tony Stark has a clunky phone that has a moveable screen and an alpha-numeric keyboard, and some of the clothing choices now look a little dated. The music choices are still very fitting, and hark back to a lot of classic rock. The score is great, though at this point there isn’t a definitive “MCU sound” – which isn’t surprising as it was the first film in the whole MCU sequence. That said, the characteristic use of horns is already creeping in, something that then continues throughout the whole sequence of movies that follow.

I particularly like the build and test sequences in this film, and the continuity of the Tony’s robotic assistants that we then see in later films.

Overall, not a bad film: 8/10.



The Incredible Hulk

I’ve never seen this one before. Having watched the dreadfulness that was “HULK”, I didn’t bother with this one when it came out, particularly as this sees Edward Norton as Bruce Banner/The Hulk, in his only outing as the principle character, before Mark Ruffalo took the helm in The Avengers. Gotta say, the opening is a very fast exposition, and it feels like it is in a very different vein to any of the other Marvel films, past or present – just seems a very stand-alone film.

The Hulk look is quite different too – much more raw, much more visceral, green eyes, full of rage, very veiny. I’m not overly keen.

The Abomination vs. Hulk fight sequence is somewhat interesting, but VERY heavy on the CGI. Also – how come Betty Ross is never mentioned again in any later canon with the other films, plus canon is broken because Hulk can recognise a person and control his rage this early on…which doesn’t happen til later in the other films… However, it is the first appearance of the phrase “Hulk Smash”. Which I quite like. Also liking the cameo of Tony Stark in the final conversation of the film. (Makes up for the lack of post-credits scene).

Overall, better than expected but not great: 6½/10.

Iron Man 2

Although I do, and have always, had a bit of a soft spot for Robert Downey Jr., I’m always somewhat disappointed with the early appearances of Iron Man, because the wit of the dialogue is just not quite as sharp. That being said, I do love the ultra techie stance in sections of this film in particular, because I find the graphics of it fascinating. Plus, seeing Tony Stark demolish part of his house and rebuild into a creation. 

Mickey Rourke’s villain is well created and the fight sequence in Monaco is spectacular to watch – and has stood the test of time in terms of special effects. 

This is also the first appearance of War Machine fully, with a ‘new’ Colonel Rhoades in the form of Don Cheadle – like, Tony Stark, is very stunted in his dialogue. 

Romanoff looks very young and fresh-faced in this one, with her first real sequences as an assassin towards the end of the film. Her trademark fighting style already emerging in this one.

A good sequel, but not quite at the same level as the original: 7/10.



This was quite a good expositionary film. Interesting ideas and lots of details that I had forgotten about. 

Lots of grandeur and pomp in the language used for Thor and plenty of nice moments.

Particular favourite, no surprise, is when (spoiler alert) Thor finally gets his hammer back and his friends come to his aid. Big fight, big detail and, CGI that is still pretty much decent to watch….

The interplay and relationship between Thor and Loki is well done, lots of nice little moments of quips and short dialogues and bickering between brothers that are well written and well delivered.


Nice bits, but quite slow: 7/10.




Captain America: The First Avenger









The Avengers








Iron Man 3








Thor: The Dark World








Captain America: The Winter Soldier









Guardians of the Galaxy








Avengers: Age of Ultron

















Captain America: Civil War









Doctor Strange








Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol.2







Spiderman: Homecoming








Thor: Ragnarok








Black Panther








Avengers: Infinity War