Lockdown diaries 25.03.2020

So, it’s been an exceptionally LONG time since I wrote on this blog, but as there is a global virus pandemic and everyone has to stay home now, I’ve got a bit more time on my hands.

I’m still working remotely at the moment, but it’s a lot more flexible than actually being in work, which is why I’m going to try and get the house sorted out during my homebound times. This is also for my own sanity – we have now been in this house for 20months, and we’re still not fully renovated. There are still boxes in some rooms, unfinished aspects of each room, and a couple of rooms that aren’t even started yet – they’re literally a pile of boxes. Thankfully, my overambitious original plan to get everything done super fast means that I have almost all of the decorating/renovation supplies I would need for the rooms that are still to do (with the exception of some picture rails for the middle bedroom, some plyboard and wooden battens, roof insulation and a ceiling hatch for the utility room, and some tiling bits for the utility room), so I can easily crack on with that (and all of the other random bits that need finishing in almost every other room…)

I’ve also discovered “hinching” (very late to the party, I know), but still, I’m in the process of deep-cleaning parts of the house each day to try and get everything in tip-top condition and neat and tidy and organised…