Renovations Update 02.12.2018

Renovations Update 02.12.2018

This weekend has been somewhat productive in the house…

  • We have finally managed to get through to the plumber  – he is coming to fit the rest of the bathroom next weekend.
  • We purchased the tiles/adhesive/grout for the bathroom floor (because the floor needs to be finished before the plumber comes next weekend).
  • (With the help of our friend M) the white office walls/ceilings are one-coat away from finished.
  • (Thanks to father-in-law) we now have a radiator connected in the office.
  • Another big tip-run complete (thank you hubby)
  • We have booked the lovely D to come and sort out our blocked gutters and install some kind of pigeon-proofing at the back of the house sometime this week.

In other news, I have cleaned the loo, tidied up the bedroom, vacuumed, mopped and we have lovely fresh bedding on our bed (thank you mother-in-law for your continued use of washing/drying facilities!!)

This week is going to be a busy one, we need pick up tiling tools from one of husband’s relatives, tile the bathroom floor, grout the bathroom floor and hopefully get the rest of the paintwork done in the bathroom. We also need to sand the architrave to the front room and finish the glosswork in the front room too…

Hubby is also out on Tuesday night to do some charity collecting with Worsley Rotary Club and we’re both out on Wednesday night to babysit for M&J, and Friday night to go to a Charity Ball with sister-in-law…Also need to fit in getting keys cut for father-in-law for the house…

Busy busy busy…..

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