Baking in a slow-cooker…

Baking in a slow-cooker…

Due to the current renovation situation, we don’t have an oven…or a hob… which has a very interesting set of restrictions when it comes to cooking/baking/eating. 

Currently I have the following cooking tools in the kitchen:

  • 2 small sharp knives
  • a plastic chopping board
  • a plastic mixing bowl
  • 2 1-litre plastic jugs
  • a whisk
  • a large plastic serving spoon
  • a basic slow cooker
  • a standard microwave
  • a very small “cube” fridge
  • disposable plates, bowls and cutlery

We also have the added complication of no drinking/running hot water at the moment (so bottled water is the only option at the moment)…

That being said, today I managed to make a CAKE. In the slow cooker. Granted it was a packet cake mix, but still – I measured stuff out into the measuring jug, mixed it in the plastic mixing bowl and then lined the slow cooker with a cake liner that I found sticking out of a box and glooped it into the slow cooker pan. Put a tea towel under the lid of the slow cooker and put the cooker on high for 40 mins, turned down to low for 40 mins and then put on high for another 40 mins… literally no idea why I went up-down-up with the heat – I was panicking I think. after it was done turned the cooker off and left it in their to cool down slowly.

The resulting cake is very soft and spongy and very moist… not the best cake in the world, but, a slice with a splodge of elmlea was quite enjoyable this evening…

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