Festive Wishlist

Festive Wishlist

This year I have no Christmas spirit. It’s shit.

Everywhere else feels like Christmas on steroids. The original plan with the new house was that we would be finished renovating in time for a lovely Christmas in a lovely house. Seeing as that plan has gone down the toilet, we are now planning that NEXT Christmas will be the one when we ask everyone to come to us…

So I’ve decided to make a list of all the things that I would like to do in the house/across the festive season, over time I’ll update it if I remember!

  • Make a proper Gingerbread House
  • Homemade chocolate truffles, shortbread, chocolates, biscotti, florentines, mince pies
  • Edible gift hampers
  • Christmas Day Feast
  • Homemade Pork Pies, quiches, breads
  • Homemade Christmas Cake, Christmas Pudding, Buche de Noel, mincemeat
  • Decorations throughout the house
  • Beautiful Christmas table settings
  • Tiny twinkly lights
  • Homemade chutneys, relishes, crackers
  • Beautifully wrapped gifts (wrapped to match the Christmas tree)
  • Christmas Eve curry/party?
  • Christmas Markets date night
  • Watching the Land Before Time in pjs on Christmas morning
  • Listening to Christmas Carols whilst cooking treats
  • Going to a Christmassy concert/carol service of some sort
  • Having beautiful Christmas/festive bedding in all bedrooms
  • Wandering around the Christmas Markets all wrapped up
  • Buying a winter hat/coat combo that doesn’t make me look like a snowman in a coat
  • Visit Chatsworth House at Christmas
  • Re-purpose wedding lights and gold chargers for christmas decorations
  • Watch a Christmas Movie every day in Advent
  • Send a Family Card
  • Make a terrine or two
  • Epic cheeseboard
  • Christmas wreaths on front door and kitchen door

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