Catch-Up: 25 November 2018

Catch-Up: 25 November 2018

Well, what can I say….it’s been a while since I’ve been on here, the house has taken over our lives! 

We got the keys on 27th July and, almost 4 months on, we’re nowhere near to a proper liveable stage. Currently we have a plumbed bath and a flushing toilet with a hand sink, three working radiators that are attached and working, no curtains, no doors, minimal floorings… and our kitchen consists of a tiny mini-fridge, a microwave, and a cheap slow cooker we got in Aldi. With our old little dining table as both our kitchen cupboards and our countertop/working area… the rest of the kitchen doesn’t exist yet…it’s in the house (IKEA flat-pack), but not assembled…before we get to that we need to get the office and the dining room finished, so that we have storage space for manoeuvring all of the various parts…also the small issue that we haven’t ordered the bulk of the kitchen appliances yet.

The bathroom is awaiting the second coat of paint to the ceiling, then tiled flooring needs to be installed, set and grouted, and then we can try to get the plumber to come back and install the rest of the bathroom…we also still need to get the electrician back to sort out the last of the electrical works; missing wall lights, outdoor lights, bathroom fan, connect up the cooker/extractor hood, install the counter lighting, wire in the thermostat for the boiler…not forgetting that we need to fully decorate most of the rooms in the house, get the stairs, upper landing and bedrooms carpeted…the list goes on and on and on. As a result of the major delays, I have/have had no want or inclination for my 30th (which was in September) or Christmas. I have some lovely birthday gifts…that are currently in my in-laws house for safe keeping and we’ve decided to do Christmas on a budget AND not have any decorations up. 

When we first started looking for a house, I never imagined just how much of a pandora’s box we were entering…unfortunately we were significantly delayed (in time and money) by a tradesman not keeping to deadlines or to the work that we’d asked to be completed…and sadly we’re still trying to recover from that now (we had contracted for numerous rooms of flooring to be sanded and varnished – when we eventually asked the tradesman to leave (almost a month past deadline), NONE of the floors were finished and our house was a mess.

Currently we have managed to get the guest bedroom fully decorated (after stripping the walls and ceiling, walls and floor replastering, new plumbing, new electrics) – bar a little bit of touching up on the ceiling and some caulking – it has carpet, furniture and a working radiator. It doesn’t have any curtains/blinds yet either… Bigger problem is that a) it doesn’t have a door on it yet (so a lot of the heat escapes) and b) because it is the only room in the house that is currently carpeted we have to take off shoes at the door/put them on to leave the room – which is a little bit of a pain in the arse when having to go to the loo (also because the loo in the bathroom isn’t connected yet and we have to go down to the one under the stairs). We have also got to the point that the front room is NEARLY finished (floor re-sanded and varnished, walls painted/wallpapered, ceiling painted, radiator attached and working, couch, armchair, telephone table, sideboard and coffee table in place… still needs skirting/architrave glossing (attempted to start that today but realised that the architrave is going to need a LOT of sanding off of the old gloopy paint on it), hearth to be tiled, blinds to be installed, curtain rail/curtains and the door needs to be finished (fine sanding and waxing) and rehung, snagging of faceplates and things need a little bit of attention eventually (plus one of the wall lights needs installing by the electrician when he comes back).

Other than that we’re currently working on the bathroom ceiling/flooring and the office…which ideally we need to complete sooner rather than later so that we can move a lot of furniture/boxes up and out of the way…

…as a result we’re not hosting Christmas, we’re not really doing Christmas, we’re just stuck in the limbo of a live-in renovation project.

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