Where to begin…? Catch-up 03.06.2018

So, things got somewhat hectic over the past two months! Between school and home and moderating for the exam board, and school and new house conveyancing and EVERYTHING, there has been a lot going on. So, to bring things up to speed a little, here goes:

The house purchase has progressed quite a lot, we’ve finished all of the conveyancing on our part now with our solicitors (and paid the bill – ouch) and are now waiting on our sellers to finish their conveyancing for their new property – hopefully that should all go through in the next 4-6 weeks. Then begins the utterly massive task of renovating (see The Great Big Renovation Project) page for the main list, it’s not small by any means!

Well, he’s now almost THREE MONTHS in! Probation performance review on Friday (eeek!) but I’m sure everything will go well and he will come home happy on Friday afternoon – he’s worked SO hard the past few months – in some ways it’s like having a completely different husband. One that gets up at 5am, out the door to work, comes home smiling and talking about his day, trying to explain tidbits of his job to me over dinner – it’s wonderful! (granted, the 5am starts are not always the most welcome!) The next big task is getting him to go to bed earlier so that he’s getting enough sleep – I do worry sometimes if he’s had a particularly late night/short sleep and is then driving to work…

Parts of this are going really well, but I haven’t kept up with blogging about them at all! In short, I have:

  • made 3 different breads
  • made 4 different cakes/desserts
  • held 3 dinner parties with friends
  • failed to complete the Great Manchester 10K due to consultant’s orders (hubby completed it though and was AMAZEBALLS)
  • watched all of the films in the MCU and seen Infinity War twice


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