Catchup: 04.04.2018

Catchup: 04.04.2018

Well, LOTS has happened since my last post!

1. Hubby has been working for the past month and is very happily settled into his job.

This has been one of the best things ever! Hubby seems so happy and so focused, it’s been really nice to see him excited by things happening at work and little stories about his co-workers and projects/tasks he’s been working on. He’s well into is routine of getting up and out on time. This week, in an effort to save money, we have swapped cars so that the more fuel efficient car is being used for the longer commute.

2. Sister-In-Law’s birthday – awesome Chinese banquet and then homemade (by me) red velvet cake.

Utterly delicious meal out at the Tung Fong in Worsley with Hubby, Sister-in-Law, Mother-In-Law and Father-In-Law. Was a lovely evening. We had:

Dim Sum (steamed beef dumpling with black bean, steamed pork&prawn siu mai, crispy seaweed, crispy pork spring rolls, crispy king prawn parcel)

Crispy Duck (pancakes, green onion/cucumber, hoisin)

Scallops with Glass Noodles (steamed on the half-shell, very savoury soy&sesame dressing, green onions)

Steamed Seafood Skewers (king prawn, scallop and monkfish with garlic, chilli and soy glaze)
Shredded Lamb (stirfried with green onion and ginger sauce)
Honey Lemon Chicken (sesame coated crispy chicken with a sticky-sweet lemon sauce)
Fillet Steak in OK Sauce (with sizzling onions)
Yung Chow Rice (fried rice with egg, green onion, ham, char sui, king prawns)

Melon and Orange wedges

It. Was. DELISH! After a lazy walk back to the in-law’s house, we had a relaxed evening watching Wonder Woman and eating birthday cake. As requested by Sister-in-law, I made an 8″ red velvet cake (two cake layers) with cheesecake frosting. It was lovely. We had some of the leftovers for breakfast the next day 🙂

3. We have had an offer accepted on a house!!!

The morning after sister-in-law’s birthday, we went to view a house in Whitefield – a four-double-bedroomed Edwardian terrace with lots of potential. Real-wood floors, original fireplaces, monster kitchen with pantry and store (potential for utility room). The next day, we decided to go for it and made an offer. Four rounds of offers later (thanks to another potential buyer), our offer was accepted and we’re now mid-process for purchase.

4. Easter Holidays

The holidays seem to have flown by! I was catering on an orchestral course for the first 3 days, though this actually meant that the day before (Sunday) I had to pre-prepare the entire week of meals as I wasn’t staying the duration this time. The three days were long, and it was hard being away from Hubby for three days (he was in work). Next day I was in school with my exam students to spend time on their coursework. Good Friday was a lazy day at home, baked salmon dinner (standard) and a Marvel Movie on the couch with Hubby. Easter Saturday was spent at my sister’s for a family lunch (with Mother, Brother, Sister-in-law and Niece). Easter Sunday afternoon was at the In-law’s with Sister-in-law for a lovely roast lamb dinner and a relaxed evening watching crap on TV. Easter Monday we went to see our Jewish friends who are currently mid-Pesach, was interesting to see what a difference the additional Pesach rules made to their meals and their house. A very restrained mooch around the Trafford Centre and Costco (trying to be good with the whole saving-for-the-house thing) and then a rather naughty KFC splurge for dinner. Two more days in school with my exam students and then four days left until back-to-work… Quite excited about dinner tonight though, my lovely colleague has given me a bag full of homemade curry/biryani/naan to have with Hubby for dinner – really looking forward to it!

Mortgage application has been sent!

Now it’s all starting to feel a little more real on the house front. Yesterday we saw the broker to sort out the last little bits for the mortgage paperwork and that has all been submitted and the surveys paid for. Just got to wait to hear back from the mortgage provider and see what happens next…


So, in a VERY brief summary, that’s what’s happened in the last month…

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