Catchup – wb 26 Feb

The past week has been very unusual – we’ve had some really bad weather thanks to the #BeastFromTheEast and #StormEmma that has resulted in having Tuesday, Thursday and Friday off as snow days, and being sent home at 11:30am (kids left at 11:15am) on Wednesday due to severe weather. In some ways this has been great because it was going to be a really hectic week at school (performances, options evening, rehearsals, report writing, moderation etc), but thankfully that all got cancelled! I’ve caught up on some sleep and had quite a good rest really, pottered about the kitchen making a few things and spent some time with hubby.

Best of all, HUBBY GOT A JOB!!!!! It’s been a few days now, and I still can’t put into words just how proud I am! He started applying for jobs/put his CV online two weeks ago, last week he started talking to some recruiters and doing phone interviews etc, and a couple of test builds (web development), had a schedule of interviews for Monday (one in the morning, phone interview in the afternoon), Tuesday (one in the morning, one in the afternoon) and Wednesday (one in the morning). However, by the middle of Tuesday, he had TWO JOB OFFERS! So excited for him, and the snow-day was perfect timing! It meant I could go meet him after an interview to discuss his two offers because he was torn between the two (similar roles, similar pay, different companies, different focus) and, after talking it through and speaking to his mum, he accepted the Tuesday interview offer and STARTS ON MONDAY!

Very excited for him. Want to make sure it is a smooth transition for him, going from doing a little bit of volunteering and house chores to working full-time is quite a shock to the system. So will make sure I get up early enough to get through the bathroom before he needs to be up, so that I can then get packed lunches ready and make breakfast. Until we move back to Manchester he’s got a 60-70min commute to Didsbury, so needs to leave around 6:45am to get there with some contingency time for traffic/weather (he needs to be in work by 8:30am, so is aiming to arrive between 8/8:15am). I’m also going to make sure shirts are ironed on a Sunday ready for him for the week.Now we are both working full time it now means we’ve got to be super organised. This is also good for me because it means that I will actually take my lunch every day (making two lunches seems somehow easier than making one) and we’ll have to stick to a meal plan because I can’t just ask him to nip out during the day to pick things up – plan is to make sure frozen home-made ready meals are taken out and put in the fridge the night before when making dinner to make sure it’s defrosted in time for the next evening.

Tomorrow (Saturday) we’re going to the Trafford Centre for some celebrating – going to get him some nice new shirts for work (we still have some wedding gift vouchers that we can spend), followed by some lunch, a trip to Costco, mooch to his parents’ house for a bit, then dinner out at Jamie’s Italian, Manchester for a celebratory dinner. Then he is gonna meet up with a guy friend for drinks and I’m gonna go to the cinema to kill time so they can get a lift home.

In other news, we went to view what we thought was going to be our “dream house” – it had a damp basement and something just didn’t feel quite right…it’s since sold, so I guess it wasn’t our house after all, got a few more that we’d like to view, but have a meeting with a mortgage advisor next week to see what kind of mortgage we’re looking at before we get serious into the viewing system…

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