TIL: Estate Agents photos lie

TIL: Estate Agents photos lie

Today the hubs and I had booked two potential house viewings…the first was right at the top end of our budget and well, what a disappointment that was!

The area was lovely; easy transport links, nice little field at the bottom of the road, good schools nearby…

The house…was just dire. The rooms were really small and oddly laid out. The garden had a fence panel missing that was rotten and looked into the trash heap that was next door’s garden – complete with broken glass, disused electricals and general debris. It also had a broken blown-down patio heater. Upstairs, not much better; a bathroom that smelt like a urinal, grotty floor tiles and a very dated shower, small bedrooms that you could barely fit furniture in, and plethora of cracks and chips in the walls.

We were not impressed – what was worse was that the agent showing us round didn’t seem remotely embarrassed at the state of the garden or the pokey rooms….

We agree that was NOT our future home, and went back to chill out with the in-laws until the next viewing.

Unfortunately, we got to the viewing early, and then got a call that the owner had brought the wrong keys so the viewing was cancelled. Not cool. New viewing booked for Tuesday evening, will report back then…


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