Last day of half-term tomorrow…sigh

Last day of half-term tomorrow…sigh

As a teacher in a secondary school, half terms always seem so far away and then go by in a flash. This one feels like it has been a lazy long weekend, and yet school was ages ago, at the same time.

I did a little bit (15mins) of piano practice this afternoon in preparation for some coaching at school – my piano skills are dire – which is probably the most schoolwork I’ve done since last Tuesday…

Tomorrow is the last day before term resumes, so naturally tomorrow is going to be a fairly busy day of doing the household stuff I’d planned to do in the holidays that haven’t got round to yet, and a little bit of schoolwork/prep for the start of term. Thankfully I wrote a to do list for school before I broke up, so can just dive straight into that (lucky me, eh?).

On the household front, I’d like to get everything sorted, clean, and tidy tomorrow morning so that I can start the week in a good place. Mostly this means dusting, hoovering, laundry, mopping,etc, but also the joys of sorting out the bedroom closet, the wardrobes and my office desk (which I currently can’t see due to a mound of old paperwork…) Thankfully hubs is going to help with the chores – this is good two-fold; 1) it shares the load, and more importantly, 2) means I’ll have to actually get stuff done and not procrastinate.

Tomorrow afternoon’s schoolwork is mainly prepping resources, assessment sheets etc, and sending copious amounts of printing to the lovely reprographics technician. Whilst I’m pootling through that lot my lovely hubs will be doing some job applications. I really hope he gets a fair few done tomorrow, and really gets the ball rolling. I’d love nothing more than for him to get sorted with a job he’ll enjoy – although right now “any job would be better than no job”, I want him to be happy at work and do something that interests him.

Tomorrow evening we’re starting our Marvel Cinematic Universe re-run with Iron Man, so hoping all of our respective chores/work/stuff is done with enough time to watch it and get a reasonable bedtime – for the inevitable “back to school insomnia” attempt at sleep.

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