1. Participate in, and finish, the Great Manchester 10k Run

04.04.2018 – 46 days to go

So far, I’m yet to complete a training run. Had a total meltdown/anxiety attack when I tried to go for a run on Sunday morning. Need to get over it and just get out there. Am planning to run before I make dinner tonight (dinner is nice and simple and will take care of itself in the oven), which will give me time to go running. Have got all of my gear ready – running pants, sports bra, top, headphones (borrowing hubby’s), running shoes etc. My plan is to do a zig-zag-ish circuit from my house and the roads nearby:

It works out as roughly 2km (1.26miles), and has some hills/slopes involved to start getting me used to inclines (there are some within the 10k…)

Will report back later this evening…

08.04.2018 – 42 days to go

Didn’t manage that 2km run, went out on a morning run and managed just under 0.5km before I realised that coming out without a drink, and starting directly uphill was a very stupid idea.

Have begun SW today in an attempt to start bringing my weight down – spurred on by seeing an old uni friend who I know has been following SW and running – she looks amazing – slim, toned, just great. So my plan is to give it a really good go… Going running again tomorrow evening – this time I’m going to start with a flat jog down the main road and back – less ambitious than the hilly attempt I’d drawn out, but probably much more achievable.


GOAL CANCELLED – unfortunately, my cardiologist has advised against me completing the 10km run, therefore I have withdrawn on medical grounds.